Our Mottos

“ The astounding response I received on launching Minimelts, The Worlds Coldest Ice Cream, in India in 2012, gave birth to the idea of creating something I could call my own. 2013 announced the birth of ‘Creamy Nectar’.

Having fashioned every aspect of the brand and product personally, I hoped to offer something that was a part of me. Bringing about subtle but defining changes to products that we have all eaten growing up, became the strength and identity of my brand. Three years into the market, I knew I had done something right. The appreciation, loyalty and growth I enjoyed, bore witness to the fact that Creamy Nectar was here to stay.

Manufactured at the same state-of-art facility that makes Minimelts at Bengaluru, I was able to absorb the same high, international standards of quality, procedure and work ethics that a world leading brand demands, into making Creamy Nectar.

Its my sincere wish that you enjoy eating my product as much as I enjoyed creating it.”- Shoeab Salim, Managing Director.